Clinical SETTINGS  |  Expanding blood collection

Use it or lose it!

3 ways to expand collection of shed blood, helping you manage blood shortages, meet new standards, & improve outcomes.

Presented by

Gary Koenig, CCP, CPBMS, CRABT

Optimize Blood Salvage

• Simple, cost effective collection

• No specialized resources for collection

• Hospitals that perform the following procedures would benefit from Blood Salvage: Cardiac, Vascular, Orthopedic, Organ Transplant, Trauma, OB/GYN, Thoracic, General, Neurosurgery and Urology


More Opportunities

Utilize HEMAsavR™ to respond quickly to unanticipated blood loss


Recognize Blood Loss

Utilize HEMAsavR™ to formally capture shed blood. Recognition is crucial for initiation of transfusion and other resuscitation efforts.


Quantify Blood Loss

HEMAsavR™ enables Labor & Delivery teams to quantify ACTUAL blood loss through its patented sampling port. Visual estimation of obstetric related blood loss is inaccurate.


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