Utilize HEMAsavR to recognize, quantify, and respond quickly to hemorrhage

New standards bring focus on safety for mother and newborn

Clinical SETTINGS  |  Maternal Hemorrhage

Maternal hemorrhage is a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality.

The Joint Commission focus, effective January 1, 2021: Prevent maternal harm by improving recognition and response to hemorrhage.

• Patient risk assessment

• Protocols to identify and treat hemorrhage

• Obstetric units must have standard, dedicated supply kit

• Educate staff about hospital’s hemorrhage procedure

• Conduct drills

• Review hemorrhage cases to determine effectiveness of care

• Provide education to patients

HEMAsavR™ is a cost effective device for collecting and salvaging blood from obstetric procedures

Mothers benefit from salvaged blood by reducing need for allogeneic transfusion, mitigation of anemia after c-sections, and decrease of transfusion reactions.

Utilize HEMAsavr™ to recognize, quantify, and respond quickly to hemorrhage.


Utilize HEMAsavRTM to formally capture shed blood. Recognition is crucial for initiation of transfusion and other resuscitation efforts.

Shed Blood


HEMAsavRTM enables L&D teams to Quantify Blood Loss (QBL) through its patented sampling port. Visual estimation of obstetric related blood loss is inaccurate.

Amniotic Fluid


HEMAsavRTM enables the return of high quality blood to patients. Avoid the risks from allogeneic blood transfusions by salvaging shed blood and return washed autologous blood to the mother.

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