HEMAsavR reduces allogeneic transfusion in post op cardiac care.

A level 1 trauma hospital and Comprehensive Blood Management demonstrated that HEMAsavR can significantly reduce the allogeneic transfusions following open heart surgery by salvaging shed blood from chest drains.

Optimize blood management

HEMAsavR provides a safe and flexible option for collection and transfer of blood from chest tube drainage systems to ensure all salvageable blood is returned to the patient.

Why throw away viable blood?

Clinical SETTINGS  |  Post-Op Chest drain collection

Use HEMAsavR to recover shed blood from chest drains

High Quality RBCs

Shed blood from chest drains is routinely discarded. Significant source of RBCs to collect, wash and return a patient’s own blood.

Avoid Risk

Risks associated with allogeneic blood are well documented, costly and avoidable through expanded collection of shed blood from chest drains.

Improved Outcomes

HEMAsavR enables the return of high quality autologous blood to patients. Improved economics for hospitals.

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