Tired of worrying about blood shortages?

It is time to take control of the situation with HEMAsavR

Twelve months ago the Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management issued the following statement:


“Blood supply is dwindling as donors stay away and existing blood expires.  Calls from blood centers for more blood donors will not alleviate this problem and unless we open ourselves to better solutions we are bound for disaster.”

— Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management


Fast forward to today:

If blood shortages continue and your hospital cannot get donor blood, what is the plan?

— Postpone lifesaving treatments?

— Cancel procedures?

— Ration care?


Or will you reduce dependence on allogeneic blood by collecting blood when you have the opportunity?

• Rather than deprive people of needed surgical procedures, implementing PBM strategies will allow necessary care to continue

• Shed blood, intraoperative & post operative, is a significant source of RBCs, but it is routinely thrown away

• By proactively collecting shed blood we ensure that allogeneic blood is reserved for patients requiring allogeneic blood transfusions

• Lost opportunities impact blood supply, costs, & improved outcomes for patients

Utilize HEMAsavR™ to reduce allogeneic transfusions in hospitals.

HEMAsavR™ is a sterile, economical blood capture & transfer device that helps clinicians quickly recognize, quantify, & respond to unintended blood loss during surgical procedures. Fast set up, universal compatibility, & ease of use makes HEMAsavR™ an effective solution to return high quality autologous blood back to the patient, improving patient outcomes.


Fast set up & easy to use

Universally compatible

Assure blood supply

Improve patient outcomes

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